Stroke/Neuro Information Service

Contact: Jayne Bullock

Bassetlaw Action Centre
Canal Street
DN22 6EZ
Telephone: 01777 709650


Leaflet: To download the Stroke/Neuro Information Service leaflet please click here

Bassetlaw Stroke/Neuro Information Service

 Who can use the service?

The service provides advice, information and support to stroke survivors, people with a neuro condition their families and carers for as long as it is needed.

 Stroke/Neuro service information

A case worker is available to assist you to access services that you may require to support your return to day-to-day life.

Advice and support is available for practical things like:

· filling in forms

· applying for benefits

· assistance with looking at housing needs

· assistance with adaptations that are required

· arrange other practical assistance

· support to return back into employment

· signposting to other relevant services/agencies

· put people in contact with other Stroke survivors

· or just be a listening ear!

 Support and advice

We can help you to link with existing Support Groups or help you to set up a new Self Help Group through Bassetlaw Self Help which is also based at Bassetlaw Action Centre.

Participating in a self-help group can provide a platform during the rehabilitation journey, and gives you access to someone to talk to about your experiences.

 Staying Well Programme

The Staying Well Programme can also be accessed through Bassetlaw Stroke/Neuro  Information Service.

Staying Well is a free six week self management course for people living with a long term health condition,  including stroke survivors.

 Central point of contact

Bassetlaw Stroke/Neuro  Information Service is designed to be a central point of contact for Stroke survivors their families and carers .

If you, your family or your carer would like more information about Bassetlaw Stroke/Neuro  Information Service or you would like a visit from the case worker; please contact us – details above.