Contact: Sarah Radford

Bassetlaw Action Centre
Canal Street
DN22 6EZ
Telephone: 01777 709650


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Our befriending scheme can receive referrals from anyone who is suffering from extreme loneliness.  Befriending is a means to reduce isolation and increase independence.

Our clients are placed with a befriender who will visit them for one hour a week in their own home or telephone them to chat and encouraging them to make positive choices to help them to help themselves.

NOTE: Due to Covid 19 all Befriending is currently via phone.

When the clients are referred to us, we match them with a volunteer, who may have similar interests and hobbies and lives in the same area.  This service is free of charge, but there may be travel costs incurred for the volunteer mileage if they are visiting in the home.

►   A befriender’s point of view:

►   I knock shouting” it’s only me ” even though I know I will probably have to explain who I am anyway.

►   Some will remember others won’t but either way it’s always a pleasure to receive a warm welcome from my ladies , as I like to think of them.

►   We chat, often the same conversation, it doesn’t matter , they are communicating with another person. I try to take a stimulus with me based on a previous visit or my knowledge of the client’s interests. There is a range of large format books in the library which are very useful for this, we end up singing , discussing and most importantly I think, laughing.

►   Never a dull moment with the volunteering ,not all altruistic though ,it is certainly helping me through my tough times if only they knew that my ladies are probably doing more for me than I am for them.

Could you be a volunteer Befriender?

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team, as there are a lot of lonely and vulnerable people that would like a visit.

For further information, please contact us at the address above or visit or Volunteering page by clicking here.